College Coaches (Current & Former)

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing & working with Aaron as a fellow coach in the NFCA Master Coach program as well as on our camp staff. Aaron’s tactical knowledge of the game far exceeds that of even most Division 1 coaches. His experience as a fastpitch player, coach, and umpire provides him a wealth of knowledge for this game from a variety of angles. He understands the speed of the game at the highest levels and what it requires to reach that skill level. He has a passion for the game that not only spurs him on to achieve success, but is a tremendous inspiration to the athletes he coaches. His knowledge, passion, and positive teaching style have helped me grow as a coach and rekindled my own passion for this game, as it does for those he coaches. Aaron also has an amazing eye for talent and a knack for categorizing athletes into the level of softball at which they can excel and reach their maximum potential as an athlete, as well as gain the most positive college experience available. His experience with all levels of softball enables him the ability to advise young women in the best direction to go and how to get there based on their talents and desires. It is my pleasure to give the highest recommendation toward Aaron Vail as a coach, student, and teacher of fastpitch softball.”
Christen Hardee
Assistant Softball Coach
San Jose State University
Mountain West Conference – Division I

“Aaron is one of the most genuine, caring and positive individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. You can readily see this in his interactions with his friends, colleagues, student-athletes, and family. He does not hesitate to go above and beyond to care for those around him and has a reliable, relatable and approachable nature that makes him wonderful to be around and an asset to any situation. He also possess an insatiable desire to grow, learn and better himself; something I feel is a rare and incredible trait. Aaron is always looking for ways to make himself and those around him better – personally as well as professionally – and does not shy away from the work that may in turn accompany that; he embraces it and is the type of person who realizes you’re never done learning. He genuinely wants nothing but the absolute best for his colleagues, student-athletes, loved ones, and just people in general and works tirelessly to help where he is able. I am continually amazed by the purity of his attitudes toward people and it is that kind, selfless nature I work to emulate in my day-to-day life. Aaron pours himself entirely into everything he takes on and any task placed in front of him and is an honest, open person who is invested in doing the right things the right way. All of these traits are eminently infectious and I can gratefully say that I am a better employee, friend and person because of his influence on my life.”
– Michael Kyllo-Kittleson
Former Director of Operations, University of Minnesota
Editor, Fast Pitch News
Private Consultant

Coach Vail’s Club and High School Coaching Colleagues

“Aaron is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate coaches I have ever had the opportunity to work with. He genuinely cares about the progress and well-being of every athlete he works with, he understands the game, the fundamentals, and what it takes to be great… He will not give up until he makes you the best athlete you can be!”
Allie Thunstrom
Boston College University
2 Sport Division I Athlete
Team USA Hockey Player
Former Assistant Coach with Coach Vail

“Having played at the highest levels of the mens game, and having coached with some of the top softball coaches, Aaron has a deep understanding of the game. From offensive and defensive fundamentals to the strategic intricacies of the game, Aaron’s players are always prepared to be at their best. Most importantly, he has great passion for the game of softball and a positive attitude that helps everyone around him succeed.”
Judd Berthiaume

Camp and Clinic Parents

“I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with Saturday’s camp. My daughter Sydney is very shy and has never played softball, but has expressed interest in playing on a team. Everyone was so energetic and supportive that she came away from camp even more determined to play. She also had lots to say about what she learned. When you broke into position groups, Sydney said she didn’t know where to go so she just picked a group. It happened to be pitching. She showed me the technique she learned and said she was told she had a good “wrist snap.” I think we may have a pitcher in the making.”Thank you so much for giving Sydney a positive first experience.
– Sharlene R.

“Just a quick note to thank you for a great camp. You do an excellent job. You are very prepared, engaged, attentive, knowledgeable, and personable. As a parent that is admirable and very much appreciated. It is even more meaningful for the girls. As I observed the members of your team assisting at the camp, they are to be commended. They displayed excellent attitudes, they were kind and friendly, they hustled, they provided a positive example, they were having fun, and they gave wonderful instruction. This is not by accident. This is a true reflection of you as a coach.”
– Steve A., 1/26/2014

“Awesome camp, Coach V! We will be back for sure. Your enthusiasm is infectious, your girls were so friendly & helpful and clearly enjoyed what they were doing. Loved the instruction, advice & help. Your coaches are top notch. Best.Camp.Ever! (and we’ve been to a few!) I picked up plenty of tips & tricks and drills to try with my girls I coach. Thanks so much!”
– Jenn R., 1/22/2014

“Thank you for a great day Coach Vail! We are impressed with how you run your camps–lots of energy and well organized! Please keep us posted on future camps and best of luck to you this season!”

– Travis D., 1/20/2014

“Thank you for putting on such a quality camp. Audrey was very impressed with the team and the staff, as was I. Thanks for the positive and upbeat atmosphere that you kept throughout the day.”